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Having an experienced family law lawyer in your corner can help settle disputes, protect your rights, and obtain a fair outcome at a difficult time. We are experienced in representing you in all manners of alternative dispute resolution and court, including negotiations, four-way meetings, meditations, settlement conferences,  court applications in Chambers and at trial. We can help you draw up interspousal contracts to protect you and your assets prior to marriage/ being common law spouses. 

Family Law Contact Lawyer:

Dale A. Canham (contracts-only)

Kellan A. Gulka-Tiechko (contracts-only)

Separation & Divorce

  • Advice om your rights and entitlements

  • Negotiation with your spouse's lawyer

  • Mediation and 4-way meetings to resolve disagreements

  • Preparation and review of Separation Agreements

  • Chambers/ Court appearances

Property Claims

  • Advice on your entitlements to family property

  • Negotiating the division of family property

  • Seeking court orders regarding the division of family property

Custody, Access & Support

  • Child custody claims

  • Child access claims

  • Child support, current and retroactive

Interspousal Contracts

  • Pre-nuptial Contracts

  • Cohabitation Contracts

  • Separation Agreements

  • Child access Agreements

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