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We provide a wide range of business, corporate, and commercial law services. Whether you want to start a business, buy or sell a business, reorganize an existing corporation, or have some contracts drawn up, we can help! 

We can provide advice on whether to incorporate or run a business personally. If incorporation is the right step, we can take care of that for you and get your corporation up and running. If you are getting into business with partners, family, or friends, you should highly consider having a shareholder or partnership agreement drawn up to make sure everyone is on the same page for how to run the business, pay dividends, and how to resolve disputes among business partners.

Business & Corporate Lawyers:

Kellan Gulka-Tiechko        (306) 791-2501  

Dale Canham                     (306) 791-2503


 Incorporation & Maintenance

  • Advice on whether to incorporate or operate personally or as a partnership

  • Incorporation and set-up of companies, holding companies

  • Amending corporations and share structures

  • Minute book preparation

  • Acting as registered office/PoA

  • Registering extra-provincial corporations

  • Reorganizations of existing corporations and rollovers

Shareholder Agreements

  • Agreement governing the operation of the corporation

  • Manage risks and expectations of all shareholders

  • How are decisions made? Who will be directors and make day to day operational decisions?

  • When to pay dividends and how much will be paid?

  • What if a shareholder involved in the business dies or gets sick?

  • How to leave the business if things aren't working out?

Buying & Selling a Business

  • Preparing and reviewing business purchase and sale agreements

  • due diligence

  • advising on asset or share sales

  • Conveying and transacting a purchase or sale transaction

  • work in association with your accountant to potentially minimize tax consequences

  • Work with buyer or seller's lawyer to complete the sale or purchase


  • Any contracts you may need to run your business

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Employment agreements

  • Services agreements

  • Construction agreements

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Leases

  • Mortgages & loan agreements

  • Waivers

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